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Immuni Care Kit - 6 x 10ml Essential Oils for Colds & Flu


This kit is a selection of essential oils that are excellent to use around your home and on your body due to their antibacterial, antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties.  This range of oils will help relieve all the signs and symptoms of colds, coughs and influenza.

Add them to your baths, showers, bedrooms, living areas, etc. 

  • Cajeput - analgesic/antiseptic/antispasmodic/expectorant/febrifuge
  • Eucalyptus Radiata - analgesic/antibacterial/anti-inflammatory/antineuralgic/ antirheumatic/antiseptic/antispasmodic/antiviral/balsamic/decongestant/expectorant/febrifuge
  • Frankincense - antiseptic/carminative/expectorant/sedative
  • Ginger - analgesic/antiseptic/carminative/expectorant/febrifuge/rubefacient/stomachic/tonic
  • Lemon - antimicrobial/antiseptic/antirheumatic/antispasmodic/bactericidal/carminative/depurative/diaphoretic/febrifuge/ haemostatic/hypotensive/rubefacient/tonic
  • Peppermint - analgesic/anaesthetic/antiseptic/antispasmodic/carminative/cordial/decongestant/expectorant/febrifuge/ nervine/stimulant/stomachic
  • Red Thyme - antirheumatic/antiseptic/antispasmodic/bactericidal/carminative/expectorant/hypertensive/stimulant/tonic
You're probably reading this and going "what the!"  So here's a brief breakdown explaining the terms above...
anaesthetic - numbing
antibacterial/antiseptic/bactericidal - destroys or controls bacteria (depending on the specific bacteria)
anti-inflammatory - eases inflammation
antineuralgic - eases neuralgia (nerve pain)
antirheumatic - helps to relieve rheumatism (aching swollen joints)
antispasmodic - relieves muscular and stomach cramps and spasms
antiviral - helps to destroy and prevent the spread of viruses
balsamic - a soothing and healing agent
carminative - settles the digestive system, eases gas in the gut
cordial - invigorating and stimulating
decongestant - helps to relieve and reduce congestion in the lungs and sinuses
depurative - helps to purify the body
diaphoretic - promotes perspiration
expectorant - helps you cough up phlegm
febrifuge - cools and reduces a high temperature
haemostatic - arrests bleeding (great if you're prone to bloody noses with sinusitis)
hypertensive - increases blood pressure
hypertensive - decreases blood pressure
nervine - strengthens the nervous system
rubefacient - warms the body, increases blood flow
sedative - reduces distress and agitation
stimulant - stimulates your body to heal itself
stomachic - a digestive aid (great for phlegmmy tums)
tonic - strengthens and improves your body's performance
Comes with a recipe leaflet of suggestions on how to use these oils effectively. 
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