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It's March already, and this year we are having a Stocktake Stale! 15% off whilst stocks last - first in, first served based on payments received! I haven't counted quantities first so will update stock levels as items go out the door. Please note, we will not be receiving any new ingredients or containers until after the 1st April.

Our next cosmetics workshop is Easter Saturday, here in Red Beach, Auckland - register your interest now on our Workshops page! Earlybird Special 15% off if you book during our stocktake sale.

Amor's normal hours of business are 8pm to 10.30pm Monday - Thursday and all our manufacturing and larger orders are processed on the weekends. We do not have a shop or showroom, however you can view our mica colours and containers by appointment only on the weekend - which will be scheduled around the manufacturing of orders. Couriers collect from here once a day at 8am.

Amor also provides Nutritional Guidence specialising in allergies (especially Coeliac's Disease) and a mentoring/coaching service for new businesses with their startup dreams - if this is you, contact me!

Come in, and discover the pleasure of creating your own blends, be they synergies or a range of bodycare products just for you or your loved ones, research our information on essential oils and raw materials or purchase from our range of handmade pure and natural products.

What's in it for me?

As aromatherapy affects us all on different levels, it's more a case of whether you want to use it physically, emotionally and/or energetically.

From a physical aspect, massage oils/balms soothe muscles. Body Washes/soaps can give you a lift or chill you out depending on which product you choose.

Essential oils affect you on a mental/emotional level as well. However that depends on how tuned in you are feeling at the time. So aromatherapy can be used for mood setting in the same way music can - a raunchy night on the town, a sensual romantic evening with that special someone, a mellow afternoon lazing in the sun, a lullaby to soothe you into sleep.

Price we quote is the price You pay! - No alterations, No hidden extras!

Amor Aromatherapy is based in New Zealand, and we are proud that our products are 100% Kiwi made and delivered all around the world!

Promote your site on our Facebook Page

Once your product is created, please feel free to promote your creation/range by uploading a screen shot to our facebook fan gallery (you can do this via the wall). Be sure to include your store or facebook url and what you sell in the comments so that our fan base can find you.