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Unfortunately, upgrades to php code have disabled my shopping cart, which is frustrating for you and for me.

Luckily, my owner Tania is busy creating my a flash new home however it's taking longer than she expected. So if there is anything you need from me or her, please send her a link through the Contact Us page and she will help you out.

You can now pop over to to see my new creation in progress, and Tania can add what you are looking for too!

Thanks for your understanding during this chaotic time.

Amor's hours of business are now 9.30am to 6.30pm Monday - Friday.

All orders are processed after receipt of payment. Amor does not have a retail shop or showroom, however you can view our mica colours and containers by appointment only - which will be scheduled around clinic appointments and the manufacturing of orders. Couriers are scheduled to collect from here twice a day at 9am and 2pm.

I also provide Nutritional Guidance specialising in allergies, especially Coeliac's Disease because I have CD and am in the lucky 1% that is also allergic to oats (combine that with cross-reactive latex allergy and eating out is an adventure!) ) - if this is you, contact me

Come on in, take a seat and discover the pleasure of creating your own blends, be they synergies, a range of cosmetics or bodycare products just for you or your loved ones. Whilst you are here browse through our information on essential oils, cosmetic ingredients and recipes.

What's in it for me?
As aromatherapy affects us all on different levels, it's more a case of whether you want to use it physically, emotionally and/or energetically.

From a physical aspect, massage oils/balms soothe muscles. Body Washes/soaps can give you a lift or chill you out depending on which product you choose.

Essential oils affect you on a mental/emotional level as well. However that depends on how tuned in you are feeling at the time. So aromatherapy can be used for mood setting in the same way music can - a raunchy night on the town, a sensual romantic evening with that special someone, a mellow afternoon lazing in the sun, a lullaby to soothe you into sleep.

Price we quote is the price You pay! - No alterations, No hidden extras!

Amor Aromatherapy is based in New Zealand, and we are proud that our products are 100% Kiwi made and delivered all around the world!

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Once your product is created, please feel welcome to promote your creation/range by uploading a screen shot to our FaceBook fan gallery (you can do this via the wall). Be sure to include your store or FaceBook url and what you sell in the comments so that our fan base can find you.