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Professional Coaching for Work & Life Balance

Professional Coaching Service for Work & Life Balance

Welcome to my coaching pages... I'm guessing you're here because you are interested in knowing more about coaching, what it is and how it relates to you...

So the questions to ask yourself are "What difference do YOU want to make to your life?" and "How do you want me to help make that difference happen?"

Here are some core characteristics of coaching activities:

 [ Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve

 [ Encourage client self-discovery in order to identify choices that can be made

 [ Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies for change

 [ It is essentially a non-directive form of development

 [ Give the client responsibility and accountability for his/her change

 [ It consists of one-to-one discussions either face to face, via skype or video conferencing, or over the telephone

 [ It provides people with feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses

 [ It is aimed at specific issues/areas


 Typical Coaching Structure:

 [ One 30 minute free session (a ‘taster’ session to ensure a good match)

[ One 2 hour session (the intake session)

[ Four 1 hourly sessions on a fortnightly basis

[ Two 1 hourly sessions on a monthly basis

[ A check-up session, with the option of reverting to further sessions if the need arises

The coaching sessions themselves should be frequent enough for momentum on the development plan to be maintained, but should also allow the individual enough time to undertake any agreed activities and to reflect on the previous session.



During the coaching sessions we use SMART so that the development plan is kept on the desired path.

[ Specific

[ Measurable

[ Attractive

[ Realistic

[ Time-Framed

Call me now on how I can coach you so you can change your life... 027-629 8928 or email

"Elevate your mind.....
overcome negativity with positivity, Say 'I can' when circumstances say you cant... 
and with a little faith, hard work, you'll see that you have achieved the impossible."
- Merl Phoenix 

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