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Recommended Practitioners

Here you will find a list of practitioners as you, the clients, recommend them.

We are looking for GPs, Specialists, Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists, Aromatherapists, Acupuncturists and more... so send them to us, along with contact details, a website if they have, a brief of what they specialise in, and/or how they helped you, and we will load them here.

The Energy Health Centre
14 Shaw St, Morningside, Auckland
Ph: 09 849 3902 

Bernadette Bekker is a qualified practitioner in Homeobotanical therapy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy and specialises in Family Health Care and Women's Health. She has also completed her training in Australia as a Master Teacher in Reiki. 

Bernadette is a Chartered Natural Health Practitioner and is a member of SPANT (South Pacific Association of Natural Therapies) and The Homeobotanical Institute of New Zealand. She is the current President of the Homeobotanical Institute of New Zealand.

The Art of Stillness

Sue Bowring, CranioSacral Therapist