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Botanical Bases

With the exception of the DIY Cream Kit, the products in this category are natural pre-made preparations that are free of any fragrances, dyes, and chemical additives. 

You can add essential oils, as well as carrier oils, herbal tinctures and floral waters... depending on the base, and each product has ideas and quantities listed with it.

For our bespoke service, select your base, and your combination of oils to be added and we can blend it for you at no extra charge.

Weight Model- Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
0 CIY.ABB Amor Amor Balm Base

Amor Balm Base

Our balm base is made from Organic Beeswax, Grapeseed, Avocado and Evening primrose oils with Benzoin tincture as a preservative.  It is ideal for...
9989 $9.20

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0 CIY.GBWB Amor Amor Gentle Body Wash Base

Amor Gentle Body Wash Base

We're now making it available for you to buy our Gentle Body Wash Base, unscented, for you to add your own oils to. Brilliant for extremely sensitive...
9995 $9.94

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0.3 CIY.ASB Amor Amor Shampoo Base

Amor Shampoo Base

Want to try a natural shampoo, and not sure where to start? Now you can design your own shampoo by adding your favourite essential oil blend  that...
9978 $9.63

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0.19 CIY.PB Amor Perfume Base 50ml

Perfume Base 50ml

An ideal base for creating your own perfumes and colognes.  Contains pure perfume grade alcohol blended with benzoin tincture which helps as a...
2 $9.89