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Soap Making

Here are a few ingredients to create your own soaps!

Due to it's dangerous nature, we are not allowed to ship Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), however you can buy it at your local Bunnings Warehouse, Farm Supply or RD1 store as it is also used for cleaning down Milking Sheds!  It's around $30 for a 5kg bucket that will last for a very long time!!

For any technical questions and how to's I highly recommend the website which has tutorials and a forum.  It's the best site on the web and I'm on there a lot myself.  It covers cold processed (cp) soapmaking, hot processed (hp) soap making, rebatching and melt & pour (mp).

As of September 2013, due to an upcoming change in location and a shift in personal focus, Amor will not be renewing stock supplies for soapmaking.  Once it's gone, it's gone.  However, if you wish to purchase bulk quantities of Melt & Pour Soap, please let me know and I can organise this for you.  

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