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Massage Balms & Oils

Our Therapeutic Balms are designed to bring relief, whether it be to muscles, scratches, cuts or bites.  We use a combination of essential oils, herbs and vegetable oils that all have medicinal properties to bring you the best relief without having to resort to "popping pills".

So do I buy a Balm or an Oil?
Balms are easier to apply than oil to a hairy body, so if you are not wanting to get your fingers tangled, use the balm - a little goes a long way.

Massage balms are packaged in either amber glass jars with white lids, or HDPE plastic pots to suit your lifestyle, as plastic is great if you're travelling.
Massage oils are packaged in amber glass bottles with white child-resistant caps, or HDPE plastic bottles with tampertel caps if you are wanting to travel with them.