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Measuring Tools & Equipment

Here is a range of tools and equipment that are commonly used to create mineral cosmetics, including mini scoops for measuring out micas and oxides, syringes for filling pencils and cosmetic tubes and weighboats for measuring out powders.

Qty. Model- Manufacturer Product Image Weight Price Item Name
890 BP.Scoop.0.15 0.15cc Mini Scoop 0.01 $0.46


0.15cc Mini Scoop

0.15cc scoop to measure out your micas with.   This scoop is equivalent to 1/32 of a teaspoon, also known as a 'pinch'.
94 BP.Scoop.1cc 1.0cc Mini Scoop 0.01 $0.23


1.0cc Mini Scoop

1.00ml plastic scoop to measure out your powder and liquid ingredients with.  Made from recycled plastic. 79mm long overall21mm dia bowl11mm wide...
73 BP.Syringe 10ml Luer Slip Syringe 0.05 $0.69


10ml Luer Slip Syringe

These syringes are plastic, disposable, and sterile.  They have a measured marking to 10ml in 0.5 ml increments.  They come individually wrapped, and...
56 BP.DispPipette 3ml Transfer Pipette (10 Pack) 0.05 $1.61


3ml Transfer Pipette (10 Pack)

These pipettes are plastic, disposable, and non-sterile.  They have a measured marking to 3ml in 0.5 ml increments. They are great for measuring...
236 BP.WeighBoat 3ml Weigh Boats (2 Pack) 0.05 $1.15


3ml Weigh Boats (2 Pack)

These weigh boats are made from antistatic flexible polystyrene, are disposable, biologically inert, and non-sterile.  They are perfect for measuring...
94 BP.Spatula.AF.W Angled Flat Spatula, White 0.01 $0.23


Angled Flat Spatula, White

The spatula is ideal to mix your thicker cosmetic products (eg lipsticks) when blending in colours and additives.   82mm long (overall) 20mm long...
100 BP.Spatula.Cosmetic.W Curved Cosmetic Spatula, White 0.01 $0.23


Curved Cosmetic Spatula, White

The little scoop is very handy for dispensing your cosmetics that are in small pots.  Use for yourself or include with your luxury brand packaging as...
94 BP.Spatula.Mini.N Curved Spoon Spatula, Natural 0.01 $0.23


Curved Spoon Spatula, Natural

The little scoop is very handy to mix your cosmetics in small pots or add to your luxury brand packaging as a scoop to minimise contamination of...
9 BR.DualApp Dual Ended Lip Brush/Eye Shadow Applicator 0.01 $1.15


Dual Ended Lip Brush/Eye Shadow Applicator

This 57mm dual ended applicator can be used for lips or eyes. It has a foam applicator at one end and a soft nylon brush at the other. It also fits...
7 BP.Funnel. Mini Mini Funnel 0.05 $0.69


Mini Funnel

These funnels are plastic, disposable, and can be washed and sterilised for reuse. They are great for filling pencils, lip gloss, eyeliner and...
5 BP.PaletteSet Stainless Steel Mixing Palette with Spatula Set 0.05 $17.02


Stainless Steel Mixing Palette with Spatula Set

This durable and reusable stainless steel professional mixing palette with a dual-ended spatula is ideal for creating and blending your pigments,...
33 CE.FaceMasks Face Masks with Ear Loops 0 $0.69


Face Masks with Ear Loops

  Face masks with ear loops. For use in medical environments. Also suitable for particulate filtering.   95% saturation level.