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Create It Yourself Cosmetic Kits

Create It Yourself Kits brought to you by Amor!

Have you always wondered how easy it is to make your own creams, mineral makeup, lipsticks and more...

Here we have some easy beginner kits for you to get started (ages 8+) and all our ingredients are available on our site for you to add to your kit as you need to, as well as new ones to play with. all of our kits are made with low allergen products and are gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free.

Advanced kits can be created (at this stage on request).

For all of our mineral makeup kits, you will need a coffee/herb grinder or Magic Bullet to grind/blend your formulations for best results.  A mortar and pestle will dull your finish.  If you don't have one, there are always a few for sale on TradeMe.  
If you don't have one, allow yourself extra time to blend your ingredients by hand. 

What colour am I?
Click here for our colour chart for cool and warm shades, and here for a skintone chart.