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Amor's most Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of Amor's most frequently asked questions over the last few years.

Do you sell products individually?
Yes, most definitely!  However, Amor has a minimum order value of $7.50. Any orders under $7.50 will be a charged a fee of $5.00, as even the smallest order incurs the same time in invoicing, picking, packaging and postage.

What are indent items?
Indent items are items we like the look of to sell, however, we don't have the space to stock them.  We order your indent items once your payment is received, and they typically take 5-10 days for them to arrive depending on the supplier.

Your website is not secure (https)?
We do not take any financial information from you in our website.  Payment options are via Internet Banking or PayPal.

I didn't see your bank account details?
Don't Panic!  They are on the bottom of your confirmation email, however please don't put payment through until we have come back and confirmed that all items are in stock.

I'm interested in making a powder mineral foundation.  Do you sell this as a kit, or can you let me know what I will need to make one?
Amor sells a range of cosmetic kits and individual ingredients to create your own, as well as cosmetic recipe booklets you can download.

Do you sell mica in sizes larger than 10gm?
If we bring it into the country in bulk, we sell it in larger quantities and these are shown on the website where available.  We often bring in a smaller quantity to start with to see if the colour is popular (or not).

Do you make up blends of essential oils and/or products for me?
Yes, I do!  I specialise in Bespoke products - individually customised products for you, whether it's an aromatherapy blend, a massage oil or a cosmetic product.  Send me an email with your requirements.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I do.  International orders are paid for via PayPal, and can be shipped via International Mail (untracked) or International Courier (Tracked).  The website currently quotes International Mail rates, and Courier rates can be provided on request.

Can I add to my order?
Yes, you can!  To add to your order, please create a new order, add in the comments "add to order number ####" and we will send you a PayPal request for the combined orders and updated shipping fee.

Can I remove items from my order?
Yes, you can, however, only if it hasn't been paid for yet. 
I don't always carry stock, so as soon as you have paid for an indent item, I order it from my supplier, so these items cannot be removed. 
Same applies if I have manufactured a product for your order.  As everything is made fresh, with minimum preservatives, once the base is made, it is yours.