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Mood Sprays

A Novel Range to enhance your daily activities - an oasis of fresh scents to awaken your senses.

With their handy 50ml size and elegant glass bottle with the natural mist spray, it will fit in your handbag or sit by your desk, and you can use it during the day as an eau de toilette/freshener too.

These complement our other ranges that you can  buy from here.

Qty. Model- Manufacturer Product Image Weight Price Item Name
9999 MS.CT.050 Amor Chill Time 50ml 0.22 $24.95


Chill Time 50ml

To unwind your over-stimulated senses… it's time to chill! Benzoin is ever so mellowing, with it's vanilla undertones, Cedarwood takes you back to...
9997 MS.NT.050 Amor Naughty Time 50ml 0.22 $24.95


Naughty Time 50ml

To stimulate your senses… in all aspects! This goes really well with our Mothercare Sexy Pampering Blend massage oil and is one of the reasons for...
9999 MS.PT.050 Amor Party Time 50ml 0.22 $24.95


Party Time 50ml

To accentuate that party mood! So you're heading out to the party you've been waiting for all week, it's been a long day, you're feeling tired......
9997 MS.ST.050 Amor Sleep Time 50ml 0.22 $24.95


Sleep Time 50ml

Unwind, sleep deep and peacefully…! With essential oils of Lemon to clear the mind, Sandalwood to gently sedate you, and Tangerine to take you to...
9998 MS.WT.050 Amor Work Time 50ml 0.22 $24.95


Work Time 50ml

To stimulate your memory, keeping you focused… even when you don't want to be! Ever had those days when you have to get a report or assignment out,...