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We stock a variety of Clays - Australian Organic, French Argeltiz and Zeolite.

Australian Organic Clays have very similar properties to the French Clays in relation to colours... using both clays can create very pretty swirls in cold processed soaps as the tones are different.

French ARGILETZ ACTIVE CLAY is 100% natural, sun-dried, chemical free and the purest form of clay naturally available, and is not tested on animals.

Argelitz Clay has been popular and readily available in France for many years and is passed by both French and Australian Health Departments, and therefore passes NZ regulations.

Each clay has its own unique properties and it is important to choose the one which best suits the condition of the persons skin. They can all be used for face masks, cleansers, body masks and wraps and colouring cosmetics, bath salts and soaps. 

  • GREENHealing. For tissue repair. It draws toxins from the skin when used as a poultice, including acne and can also be used in the bath for excessive perspiration or detoxification. Very cleansing and firming when applied as a beauty mask for face and body.
  • REDHigh in iron oxide and helpful for broken capillaries and bags under the eyes. Ideal for mature, tired, dehydrated and stressed skin. This clay is oilier than the others.
  • PINK/ROSEFor sensitive skin. Tissue firming particularly the bust, thighs, stomach and upper arms. Skin softening. Apply as an all over mask for a pampering treat.
  • YELLOWHas similar properties to green clay, however is gentler in its action. For sun-damaged, couperose and fatigued skin.
  • WHITE: For young, sensitive and dry skins. This clay absorbs odour so is ideal for a dusting powder for the feet, under the arms and breasts, as well as the groin and between the thighs when perspiration is due to hormonal and thyroid problems. Can also be used for Face masks. It may be used as a hair pack by mixing with water prior to shampoo. It may alleviate dry scalp disorders as well as greasy hair problems.

The History of Clays is interesting reading if you would like to discover more about them.