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Heel Homotoxicology


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5 HOM.H.Cruroheel Heel Cruroheel S Tablets (50s) 0.15 $28.52


Cruroheel S Tablets (50s)

Cruroheel S Tablets -Indications:  For bad skin, acne, acne rosacea, fistular suppurations, ulcus cruris. Contraindications:  None known. ...
5 HOM.H.Detox Heel Heel Detox Kit (International) - 3 x 30ml bottles 0.2 $120.00


Heel Detox Kit (International) - 3 x 30ml bottles

The easiest way to detox your body, especially if you suffer from allergies or have just had an anaphylactic reaction. Detoxification: • Effective •...
5 HOM.H.TraumeelG Heel Traumeel Gel 50gm 0.15 $42.00


Traumeel Gel 50gm

Regulating Inflammation Inflammation is used to rid the body of damaged tissue, wastes and foreign objects. A pure anti-inflammatory action will have...
5 HOM.H.TraumeelD Heel Traumeel S Drops 0.15 $43.00

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Traumeel S Drops

Traumeel is an effective, natural treatment that relieves musculoskeletal conditions – pain and inflammation in the back, neck, knee, foot, wrist and...
5 HOM.H.TraumeelT Heel Traumeel Tablets 0.15 $32.99

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Traumeel Tablets

Traumeel tablets are ideal for young children – they are tasteless and soft, so they don’t need to be swallowed. Dosage:- The dosage will depend on...