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Amor Herbal Remedies


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1 T.HR.Resp Amor Herbal Elixir for the Respiratory System, 200ml 0.3 $22.50


Herbal Elixir for the Respiratory System, 200ml

Sick of being sick... wanting to boost your respiratory and immune systems and avoid colds, flus and even swine flu...? Like taking herbal remedies...
4 T.B.CB Amor Soothing Chest Balm 0.2 $22.76

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Soothing Chest Balm

I created this balm after spending 4 days in bed with the influenza virus and that hasn't been a pleasant experience, because I don't normally get...
9 T.B.FSB Amor FemCare Soothing Balm 0 $8.04

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FemCare Soothing Balm

My own formula for healing Vaginal disorders ranging from itching to fungal infections, with Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, herbal extracts of...
9 T.B.IBC Amor Insect Bite Cream 0 $10.66

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Insect Bite Cream

Apply to inflamed/infected bites.  This soothing cream works well with insect bites that are fresh to reduce swelling and itchiness.  It also works...
1 T.B.THB Amor Traditional Healing Balm 0 $8.04

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Traditional Healing Balm

Our own formula with Wildcrafted Hypericum & Organic Calendula extracts, and Spike lavender essential oil in Amor base balm made from organic...