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Reds, Pinks and Wines

Here is a colour block of the red tones - from pink to burgundy

Qty. Model- Manufacturer Product Image Weight Price Item Name
390 CIY.M.Ruby BASF Gemtone Micas Ruby Pearl Mica 0 $2.88

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Ruby Pearl Mica

Ruby mica powder, lustrous like the gem, use alone or with other pigments. Try adding with interference powders for a spectacular effect.  Particle...
20 CIY.M.DCRO Duocrome Micas Duocrome Red-Orange Mica 0 $2.88

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Duocrome Red-Orange Mica

Red-Orange is a mica powder with a warm reddish-pink hue. The orange is an underlying shimmer, with the pink being more dominant, and makes a lovely...
950 CIY.M.LustreRed Lustre Red Mica 0 $2.88

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Lustre Red Mica

This is a gorgeous carmine-free pink pearl colour that has a red shimmer.  It's fairly translucent. You can lighten or darken it using oxides or...
90 CIY.M.PinkYarrow Pink Yarrow Mica 0 $2.88

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Pink Yarrow Mica

Pink Yarrow is tropical and festive, with a whimsical, unignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes. It's a bold and lively colour that lifts spirits...
23 CIY.M.AntRed BASF Antique Red Mica 0 $2.99

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Antique Red Mica

Antique Red has a deep, reddish-purple hue with a satiny finish. Its deep base has a purplish-black undertone, with a gold shimmer giving it an...
64 CIY.M.WVeld KTZ® Winterveld Mica 0 $2.88

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Winterveld Mica

I LOVE this colour and wear it with lip gloss. This Mauve with purplish undertone shade of mica also has interval ability.  Use in blending shadows,...
5 CIY.M.TibetOch Colorona Micas Tibetan Ochre Pearl Mica 0 $2.88

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Tibetan Ochre Pearl Mica

Tibetan Ochre Mica powder has a satin shine and is very versatile in cosmetic formula blends. When applied this has a light reddish undertone...