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Hair Care


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5 PP.HC.ChamSham Perfect Potion Chamomile Shampoo 0 $43.24

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Chamomile Shampoo

for dry, damaged hair    Rediscover you hair's silky sheen and restore it with the help of herbal extracts and pure essential oils....
5 PP.HC.HSElixir Perfect Potion Hair & Scalp Elixir, Certified Organic 50ml 0.12 $39.79


Hair & Scalp Elixir, Certified Organic 50ml

Dry and damaged hair    Condition and hydrate your hair with nourishing oils of jojoba, rosemary, and Atlas cedarwood. This certified...
5 PP.HC.MarigoldCond Perfect Potion Marigold Conditioner 0 $43.24

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Marigold Conditioner

This lightweight all natural conditioner will leave your hair silken and smooth while adding vitality and shine. Features A light weight conditioner...
5 PP.HC.RosemaryCond Perfect Potion Rosemary Conditioner 0 $43.24

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Rosemary Conditioner

for dry, damaged hair An infusion of plant extracts that will enrich and recharge your dehydrated and treated locks. Features  Perfect for...
5 PP.HC.RosemarySham Perfect Potion Rosemary Shampoo 0 $43.24

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Rosemary Shampoo

This everyday shampoo has a gentle foaming action that removes oil, dirt particles and other impurities from the hair Features  This everyday...