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Bath Soaks


Qty. Model- Manufacturer Product Image Weight Price Item Name
5 PP.BS.Detox Perfect Potion Detox Bath Soak 250gm 0.3 $50.83


Detox Bath Soak 250gm

Whether you have over indulged or are feeling stodgy, it's time to clear your system of build up.   Features  Using a combination of...
5 PP.BS.Relax Perfect Potion Relax Bath Soak 250gm 0.35 $50.83


Relax Bath Soak 250gm

Allow your mind to let go of your thoughts and feel the stress melt away. Features  Using a combination of essential oils to calm and relax the...
5 PP.BS.SweetDreams Perfect Potion Sweet Dreams Bath Soak 250g 0.3 $50.00


Sweet Dreams Bath Soak 250g

Create a dreamy paradise and wind down from a busy day. Features Mineral salts, clay and essential oils work together to create serenity and bring...